Workmanship Standards


Below we have defined the minimum performance requirements for deliverable goods to customers.


Ejector Pin Marks

Ejector pin protrusions and depressions flush to .010"


Flash-Excess Plastic

Parallel to parting line = .005" x .015" long

Core flash = .005" x .015" long

Perpendicular from a core pin = .005" x .015" long


Gate Vestige

Tunnel Gates = flush to .010"

Hot Tips = flush to .010"

Tab Gates = flush to .010"

Pin Gates = flush to .010"

Fan Gates = flush to .010"


Color Streaks

Color streaks visible at 18" to the unaided eye. - Not Acceptable



Pollution of grease, oil, and antifreeze on parts related to the keeping of the product. - Not Acceptable



The splitting of plastic material along its layers. - Not Acceptable


Flow Lines/Knit Lines

A mark on a molded part where two flow fronts meet. Acceptable if not visual part or specified.


Gas Burns

Thermal decomposition through discolorization, distortion, or localized destruction. - Not Acceptable



Depression or dimple on a molded part. May not exceed 20% of the adjacent molded part.



Specks visible at 18" to the unaided eye. - Not Acceptable



Lines found in parts after molding. - Not Acceptable